Testing YouTube embedded video responsiveness in WordPress
11 December 2016

Magento product types and what to use them for
06 December 2016

Anonymous Browsing
01 December 2016

WordPress Code: Completely disable comments using functions.php
23 November 2016

MySQL TRUNCATE command: Quickly and easilty clear out the Magento database
22 November 2016

Session Management and Validation Settings in Magento Configuration
18 November 2016

All-in-one Google Analytics tracking in Magento
08 November 2016

All-in-one Facebook Pixel Code for Magento ecommerce
08 November 2016

Why you should be using Magento for your ecommerce website
01 November 2016

How to use PHP to submit a cURL request with HTTP Post data
28 October 2016

Getting your product information ready for importing to your website
14 October 2016

You win Google: I’m Moving from keith.kg to keithgreer.uk
13 October 2016

Add Facebook Pixel Code to Magento Success Page
01 September 2016

Quickfix: Quickly add a new Magento CMS page template
21 July 2016

Magento Code: Bulk add a new product attribute to all store attribute sets
06 July 2016

Vote 2016
04 May 2016

Magento Code: UK and Ireland counties for region drop-down in addresses
14 April 2016

Cloudflare: My next step for website optomisation
25 March 2016

Why use an SSL?.. Number 3: Search Engine Optimisation
10 March 2016

Why use an SSL?.. Number 2: User Confidence
08 March 2016

I can get access to better internet in rural Mid Ulster than in North Belfast
08 March 2016

Why use an SSL?.. Number 1: Security
02 March 2016

Magento Issue: One Page Checkout appearing to jump to the bottom of the page after address is entered
25 February 2016

Useful .htaccess Rules: Setting the expires header for browser caching
22 February 2016

MySQL Database Backup and Restore via Command Line (Copy-and-pasteable)
05 February 2016

PayPal IPN notification errors with Magento
02 February 2016

PHP: Use WordPress blog tags to find related posts
01 February 2016

Google Chrome getting a new Security Panel for developers
27 January 2016

PC Gaming Wins
12 January 2016


€0.2: The EU Cookie Legislation
05 December 2014

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