Useful Excel Commands for Magento Image Import

Magento image import can be pretty flaky with case and spaces in the filename of images being uploaded.


The above code will add a “/” at the beginning of the file name (CONCATENATE), it will strip out spaces (SUBSTITUTE) and it will make the filename lowercase (LOWER), in this example for the file name in cell F2.

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Magento Issue: Subtotal and Grand Total prices double at Cart/Checkout stages

Have recently encountered an issue with prices in Magento Checkout appearing doubled. There are a number of solutions online which seem to (in various combinations) do the trick.

A particular cause of the error seems to be when more than two addresses appear in the sales_flat_quote_address table.

Disable Third Party Checkouts

This seems to be the best solution, the issue predominantly happening when a third party one page checkout extension is in use.

Dave Boyce Solution

This code removes anything other than two addresses being pulled for a quote from the table sales_flat_quote_address. The quick fix goes in Mage\Checkout\Model\Cart.php.

In The Mage_Checkout_Model_Cart class init() function enter the code below the line: $this->getQuote()->setCheckoutMethod('');

$addresses = $this->getQuote()->getAllAddresses();
if (count($addresses) > 2) {
  for($i = 2; $i < count($addresses); $i++) {
    $address = $addresses[$i];

Multiple Address Checkout

It should also be check that under System > Configuration > Shipping Settings that “Maximum Qty Allowed for Shipping to Multiple Addresses” is set the value to “0”. The default is 100.

To fix, change “Allow shipping to multiple address” to “Yes” and Save. Then Set Allow Shipping to “No” and set Maximum Addresses to “0”. Click Save.

€0.2: The EU Cookie Legislation

Are cookies dangerous?

No, they are simply text files and are not (for example) viruses or Trojans. They cannot in themselves do anything to your computer; they can only be interacted with by your web browser and the website which set them on your computer. It would be impossible to use most websites without allowing cookies. Amazon, eBay, Gmail, Facebook all store cookies on your PC in order to make them work.

However cookies are also used by third parties to keep track of how people browse the internet more generally, not just how they visit a specific website but where they go afterwards and which other websites they use. This specific kind of monitoring uses what are called tracking cookies.

So, what’s the plan?

Well government, well not the government, it was actually the European Union which decided that something had to be done. Rather than make browses more secure and make it easier for people to choose for themselves how and when to be altered about cookies the EU has decided that every website which wants to use cookies will need to get permission before storing anything on the uses computer. From now on (legally) websites based in the United Kingdom will need to ask for the permission of users before storing anything in cookies on the user’s computer.

From now on legally any website in the European Union will need to ask for your permission before storing any cookies on your PC. As the video says this pretty much means pop-ups or other flashing banners on websites to grab your attention then a few pages worth of explanation – what are cookies, why it wants to store cookies and why you shouldn’t click ‘no’.

What should have been done.

If would have been highly beneficial for all involved if those who composed the legislation where not complete idiots.

For those unsure what to do with their website the best information I’ve found so far has been on Civic UK – – which has a guide for installing a floating message box which informs users of the change in law and how it affects them.

Choose a better browser

Choose a better browser

You can help relieve the stress and strain of your friendly local web developer by making sure you’re using an up-to-date web browser

A web browser is the program you use to access the internet, they
interpret the different languages and technologies used to make websites look pretty and display them on your computer.

Below are a list of the most popular free web browsers, just follow the link and download to make me happy…

Google Chrome

Chrome by Google is my browser of choice, that’s why it’s at the top. Quick, light weight and doesn’t crash.


Mozilla Firefox

Firefox the open source web browser, just don't
install too many add-ons things can get very bloated very quickly.


Apple Safari

For all of you who walk in the orchard and use Safari on your iMac iPods, iPhones and iPads you can also use it on your Windows PC…


Microsoft IE11

Yep, you heard right, Internet Explorer does work, but only if you are using the latest version available…


Opera Browser

Not really sure, some people really love it others most have never heard of it…


Spammers: Accurate Media Solutions and video domination marketing

Accurate Media Solutions is a digital marketing company or sorts in the United States.

Accurate Media Solutions

They actually specialise in everything Video. Whether you are attempting to market your business with a video or simply have a video produced and branded. What they do is then dominate your market with video! Steve Marks is the internet marketing genius behind Accurate Media Solutions, the audio-visual phenomenon that it is.

Video Domination Marketing

Automated emails are sent via unsuspecting contact forms on websites directing customers to a range of landing pages where customers are told the virtues of Steve’s skill-set in Video Domination Marketing.

Accurate Media Solutions Review

However, everything is not rosy in the word of internet domination. For Accurate Media Solutions, at least, the videos don’t actually result in the type of domination required. Instead, Accurate Media Solutions resorts to spamming companies looking for business.

Their aggressive unsolicited email marketing campaign and apparent lack of understanding of the basics of good practice means I stayed well clear, apart from trying to get them to stop spamming me. They have.

I would recommend staying clear anyway, unless you want an angry web developer picking apart your own digital marketing strategy.