Keith Greer Spammers: Accurate Media Solutions and video domination marketing

Accurate Media Solutions is a digital marketing company or sorts in the United States.


The folks at Accurate Media Solutions were in touch to let me know this was due to a third party provider who let them down and apologised for the error.

The lesson is when hieing “experts” to promote your brand it is really important to understand what your outsources are doing with your company/brand it’s easy to be let down.

The following is an archive of the original post.

Accurate Media Solutions

They actually specialise in everything Video. Whether you are attempting to market your business with a video or simply have a video produced and branded. What they do is then dominate your market with video! Steve Marks is the internet marketing genius behind Accurate Media Solutions, the audio-visual phenomenon that it is.

Video Domination Marketing

Automated emails are sent via unsuspecting contact forms on websites directing customers to a range of landing pages where customers are told the virtues of Steve’s skill-set in Video Domination Marketing.

Accurate Media Solutions Review

However, everything is not rosy in the word of internet domination. For Accurate Media Solutions, at least, the videos don’t actually result in the type of domination required. </span>Instead, Accurate Media Solutions resorts to spamming companies looking for business.

Their aggressive unsolicited email marketing campaign and apparent lack of understanding of the basics of good practice means I stayed well clear, apart from trying to get them to stop spamming me. They have.