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Vote 2016: Plato

Vote 2016: What are we voting for?

Vote 2016: What happens after the vote?

Vote 2016: Who to vote for

The table above shows the parties inside and outside the Northern Ireland Executive.

<rant opinion="May Be Wrong">

If you like how Northern Ireland is being run you should confirm as much by supporting the executive parties so they can continue doing what they have been doing. The same people will continue to govern in much the same way they always have.

Expecting anything else is insanity.

If you don’t agree with how Northern Ireland is being governed, then, you should consider voting for parties outside the executive. As Plato said not voting doesn’t change anything. In fact it cements the status quo. So show up on Thursday 5 May 2016, or, at every least stop complaining that nothing ever changes.

There are plenty of smaller parties and more than a few independent candidates not associated with any party.

You do have a choice.