Keith Greer WordPress Code: Completely disable comments using functions.php

The code below will completely disable any commenting and trackback features in WordPress. This code won’t turn off any “This post has X comments” or front-end code that displays comments that may be in your theme. Instead it removes the ability for comments to be added/stored against posts.

It is in response to the usual issue whereby you think comments have been completely disabled only to get a notification that there is a new comments waiting moderation.

Simply copy and paste into your functions.php file in your template.

// First, this will disable support for comments and trackbacks in post types
function df_disable_comments_post_types_support() {
   $post_types = get_post_types();
   foreach ($post_types as $post_type) {
      if(post_type_supports($post_type, 'comments')) {
         remove_post_type_support($post_type, 'comments');
         remove_post_type_support($post_type, 'trackbacks');
add_action('admin_init', 'df_disable_comments_post_types_support');

// Then close any comments open comments on the front-end just in case
function df_disable_comments_status() {
   return false;
add_filter('comments_open', 'df_disable_comments_status', 20, 2);
add_filter('pings_open', 'df_disable_comments_status', 20, 2);

// Finally, hide any existing comments that are on the site. 
function df_disable_comments_hide_existing_comments($comments) {
   $comments = array();
   return $comments;
add_filter('comments_array', 'df_disable_comments_hide_existing_comments', 10, 2);

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